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Arcamania 2 Arcade Game Description

Game Overview

ArcaMania 2 is a brick-busting classic Arcanoid clone in OpeGL with hi-color graphics, efects, sounds and monsters.

ARCAMANIA 2 offers everything players liked on awarded first sequel of the game: great playability, graphics, level design plus OVER 100 NEW AND EVEN MORE CHALLENGING LEVELS.

Game Features

  • divided into 3 scenarios with unique graphics, enemies and bricks each
  • geyser of colors with palettes blended onto the bricks.
  • lots of new visual effects (auras, smokes, flares, sparks, etc.)
  • more action withs rotating brick rows, exploding bricks, bumpers and other improvements of gameplay.
  • 30 bonuses (many new ones since AM1)
  • shooting bonus!
  • advanced aiming with pad just like in AM1
  • tons of little but significant improvements in comparison with first part of the game .

System Requirements

  • PC 200 MHz+, 64MB RAM
  • 3D Video Card 8 MB with OpenGL support
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