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Net Checkers Strategy Game Description

Game Overview

With Net Checkers you can play American checkers (English draughts) with friends and family on the same computer, via email or online over the Internet or local network. You can choose between different computer opponents (checkers robots), skill levels and utilize various checkers engines (Zebra checkers engine is included). And it does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or professional player. With Net Checkers you can learn, practice and master your checkers playing skills.

Net Checkers provides you with three game tables that easy to change. You can quickly setup and initiate the game session, whether online or offline, with computer or human opponent. Moreover, you can play several checkers games simultaneously, for example, one online against the human opponent and one offline against the computer.

Game Features

Net Checkers is very "option rich" and contains a number of great checkers features. It provides time control (conventional clock, incremental clock and special modes) and ability to limit checkers engine decision making time without limiting yours.

The game supports click-and-drag or click-and-click move options, board rotation and interactive move list. You can copy and paste the game with the help of clipboard, you can save it (with your comments, if necessary) in PDN format. It means that you can play via e-mail with other checkers fans all over the world who have checkers software that supports this format - your opponents don't have to buy Net Checkers and you don't have to buy software they use for playing checkers.

Other convenient options are animation of the match, highlighting last move, IP address detection, several boards to choose from, different sound and color schemes, customizable cursors, and so on.

System Requirements

  • Net Checkers is fully compatible with all versions of Windows and can support themes.


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