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Troll Arcade Game Description

Game Overview

Troll is a Arcanoid clone game with hi-color graphics, efects, sounds and monsters.

Vile orcs came from the north and built powerful castles to enslave defenceless villagers. Poor king Uterus unable to fight the evil had to flee to the exile. After many days walking he met brave troll warrior who agreed to help little people to destroy dark castles and all terrible monsters.

Game Features

  • new concept advancing and expanding good old arkanoid destruction...
  • performed in a cute fairy graphics...
  • accompaned with beautiful music...
  • powered by engine with many visual effects...
  • running in 800x600 in Hi/TrueColor...
  • with 6 completely differend scenarios...
  • divided into many levels ordered into the adventure campaign...
  • infested with 40 monsters...
  • and 5 hideous bosses.

System Requirements

  • PC 200 MHz+, 64MB RAM
  • 3D Video Card 8 MB with OpenGL support
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